Nocom Roof Underlayment – Radiused Dome 3/8″ thick Nocom was installed as the fire-resistant roofing underlayment for this copper-clad dome.  Our customer was having a hard time locating a lightweight sheathing that was easy to handle and install, and would radius to the shape of this featured roofing element.  After testing boards in a mock-up

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Nocom Structural Floor Deck – New York, NY Nocom was selected as the fire-resistant, structural floor deck in this multi-story residential job in New York City.  At only 3/4″ thick, Nocom reduces ceiling height adding savings to your project.  At 4 lbs / sf Nocom also saves considerable weight from your building.  40% lighter than

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Nocom MgO Board Wall Sheathing – Blacksmith Forge, Maine Nocom was selected as the fire-rated wall sheathing to protect this blacksmith shop in rural Maine.  Nocom wall panels have been certified by ICC as noncombustible.  Nocom cuts and installs with standard carpentry tools, available for walls, floors, and low-slope roofs.

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GeoBoard – Hotel Lobby Cladding

GeoBoard Decorative Cement Board Interior Cladding – Look Hotel, Brooklyn , NY, 2017 Look Hotel in Brooklyn, NY fitted their lobby with GeoBoard decorative cement board cladding, which complements nicely the natural wood and glass staircase, as well the polished concrete floor and light fixtures.  

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GeoBoard Decorative Exterior Cement Board Cladding – 2014 The builders of this contemporary residence in the northeastern US select GeoBoard decorative fibercement rain-screen cladding to accent the exterior of their facade which also features natural woods, architectural metals and glass.

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Armoroc Structural Cement Board Flooring

Pedia-Pod – Modular Pediatric Treatment Room

Armoroc Floor Sheathing – GreenZone 2013 – Pedia-Pod NRB (USA) in Ephrata, PA, in collaboration with Building Design + Construction designed and built Pedia-Pod, a modular pediatric treatment room. Off-site (modular / panelized) construction is gaining momentum and recognition with the AEC and building owner community as a viable alternative to traditional on-site construction methods.

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Corbett Kroehler, Global Warming and Green Building Expert (and Central Florida Congressional Candidate!), promotes Armoroc Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) as a new solution to the Clean Air Act’s impact on the OSB industry, and Armoroc’s use as an environmentally friendly building material. View Corbett’s article on Keyboard Culture.

Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) in the US

The Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) market in the US has grown considerably over the past 15 years. It was first introduced on a large scale in the 1990’s to be used in applications such as structural fire-rated floors, roofs, walls, soffits, ceilings, and was soon incorporated into OEM & pre-fabricated products such as Access

Multi-Story Residential – New York Armoroc was installed as the structural floor and roof sheathing in this multi-story residential building in New York. Armoroc installs like plywood with carpentry tools, allowing the elimination of the wet trade and it’s associated labor and costs. For the floors 3/4″ Armoroc was installed directly to the Marino\WARE JoistRite

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