NOCOM is a structural cementitious panel ideal for the construction of floors. By combining the properties of magnesium oxide cement (no chloride), with the strength of alkaline resistant fiberglass, NOCOM is ideally suited for applications where noncombustibilty, strength, weight, stability & abuse resistance are a concern.

NOCOM Key Benefits

  • Noncombustible: Per ASTM E136*
  • Structural: ¾” thick supports 100 lbs/sf loading at 16” OC at L/360. Ultimate load of 500 lbs/sf †.  Can span up to 24" OC, refer to table.
  • Abuse Resistant: ¾” thick withstands 550 lbs concentrated load (1” disk), as well 75 ft-lb impact loading ††
  • Lightweight: 4 psf / 128 lbs for ¾” x 4’ x 8’. 20% less than cement board. 40% less than gypcrete.
  • Mold/Fungus Resistant: Does not support mold/fungus growth
  • Moisture Resistant: Resistant to weather, freeze/thaw & standing water
  • Termite/Vermin Resistant: Provides no food value to insects/vermin
  • Workability: Installs quickly using standard carpentry tools and equipment
  • Dimensionally Stable: Minimal changes in temperature & moisture variations
  • Traditional Edge Details: Ship Lap & Interlocking T&G Edges available
  • Weather Resistant: Available factory sealed for 6 months exposure to elements nationwide, year-round

* Per Intertek (USA) Test Report H8333.01-106-3, Vertical Tube Furnace, Option A.
† Per preliminary testing to APA PS-2 / ICC AC 367 in both dry & wet/redry conditioning. Includes glued ship-lap edge.
†† Per preliminary testing to ASTM E661 / ICC AC 367, in both dry & wet/redry condition, unsupported ship-lap edge w/ glue.

NOCOM Features

  • Proprietary formulation with <1% Chloride means no added corrosion to your structure
  • Eliminate your poured system, saving on weight, materials, time & money.
  • Single trade installation – once installed ready to finish
  • Stocking locations nationwide (NJ, SC, IL, TX, CA, WA)
  • Knowledgeable & experienced sales staff

NOCOM Accessories


Ameriform has tested Grabber products for use with our structural cement board systems and recommends them for use in all our structural floor, roof & wall applications.

Ameriform is an authorized dealer for all Grabbers tools, fasteners, bits, accessories & parts. We can sell & ship your installation system with your building materials. Simplify your purchasing process and contact us for a price!

Grabber HS8200JBW - Structural Cement Board Screw

Lab Tested and Field Proven for Structural Cement Board (CBPB) and Structural Fiber Cement Board installations over metal framing.


  • LOX Drive – proprietary drive, 12 points of contact, no waste, no wobble, no cam out, no slivers, stick fit, high torque, drives off angle, exceptional bit tip life.
  • Self-Countersinking Ribs - under the head ease countersinking and leaves smooth clean edges (no mushrooming)
  • Self-Drilling, Winged Tip – allows this fastener to drill through dense structural cement board and into the metal framing without clogging the threads or racking / lifting the decking before the fastener penetrates through the metal framing member.
  • Grabber Guard Coating – protects fasteners from corrosion due to moisture as well as galvanic action due to high Ph consistent with portland cement.
  • Ameriform sells these in bulk cases (2500 pc count) or in custom packed small boxes (500 pc) for smaller jobs.

Grabber – CHS8200JBW / SuperDrive 7540XT - Collated Structural Cement Board Screw and Collated Screw Gun for Rapid Deck Installations.

Grabber’s SuperDrive industrial-strength, fully automated fastening tool is engineered with a durable, lightweight, compact design and is built to last. Grabber has a SuperDrive tool for almost any fastening application including sub-floor, roof-decking, wall sheathing, drywall, metal framing and more.

SuperDrive® system includes:

  • Grabber SuperDrive Deck Tool (model # 7540XT)
  • Grabber SuperDrive Collated Cement Board Screws (model # CHS8200JBW)




Ameriform has tested PEMCO P5100 adhesive for use in Armoroc fire-rated floor assemblies. Pemco P5100 is a 100% solids (zero V.O.C.), one component, moisture cure, polyurethane adhesive. PEMCO P5100 is an important component of Ameriform's fire-resistant building system, and can be used to bond the joints of ARMOROC™ Panels in structural floor and/or roof applications (requirements vary by application).

Customers can purchase PEMCO P5100 directly from Ameriform to fulfill their adhesive requirements. Purchase PEMCO 5100 as part of your building system package, or as an individual component. Product comes in 11 ounce tubes and can be purchased by the case (30 tubes) or individually. PEMCO P5100 is IN STOCK! and ready for shipment. Pemco is manufactured by Alpha Systems Inc, an ISO 9001 registered factory.

Please contact a sales representative for pricing & availability.


Tenryu is known around the globe as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades. Tenryu tested our structural cement boards and selected Model PT-18524AM, 7-1/4" Blade, 24 Tooth Carbide Tip circular saw blade for cost-effectively rough-cutting through dense structural cement board. Ameriform carries these blades in stock as part of our installation system. You can buy them by the case (100 pcs), by the box (10 pieces) or per blade. Contact a sales representative for pricing and availability.

As an Authorized Tenryu dealer Amerfiorm has access to every Tenryu blade available. If you are looking for a Tenryu product, Ameriform can get it.


Ameriform researched every cutting system and selected Skilsaw Model SHD77M for rough-cutting dense structural cement board. The Skilsaw Model SHD77M is a 7-1/4" Magnesium Worm Drive corded saw designed with enough strength and durability to stand up to cutting dense structural cement board over the long term. Equipped with a powerful 15 Amp Motor, the light magnesium housing (2 lbs. lighter) reduces user fatigue.

Ameriform is an authorized SKIL dealer and carries the SHD77M in stock for shipping with your structural cement board and accessory order as a kit. Contact a sales representative today for pricing.

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